Fabrice Eroukhmanoff

Peer-reviewed Publications

1. Svensson, E. I., Eroukhmanoff, F. & M. Friberg,. 2006. Effects of natural and sexual selection on adaptive population divergence and premating isolation in a damselfly. Evolution 60:1242-1253.

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Genomic Conflict Resolution in a Hybrid Species. Eroukhmanoff, F., Bailey, R.I., Elgvin, T.O., Hermansen, J.S., Runemark, A., Trier, C.N., Sætre, G.-P. In Revision.

Eroukhmanoff, F. 2006. Comparative quantitative genetics : genetic constraints
on phenotypic evolution? Introductory paper, Department of Animal Ecology,
Lund University, 182: 1100-1844.

Eroukhmanoff, F. 2009. The interplay between selection and constraints on phenotypic evolution and adaptive divergence. PhD Thesis, Department of Animal Ecology, Lund University. ISBN: 978-91-7105-304-6.


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